Leading worship is one of my passions. I love to engage God in worship and I especially like doing it with other God lovers.  I get excited about what could happen in an environment where God is worshipped. The possibilities are endless…..I guess it’s safe to say that I’m hooked. I love God and I love to worship.

My time with New Breed and beyond…

My experience with Israel and New Breed goes down as the official game changer. I learned soartnewbreed much during this time. I developed lifelong relationships and my heart for Jesus exploded. For five years I toured with Israel Houghton and served as a member of the worship group, New Breed. I sang lead on “Friend” from the Live from Another Level album and “You’ve Been A Friend” on the Alive In South Africa album. I also got the chance to tour with a group of women singing about Jesus on the Sisters in the Spirit Tour. I served as a background vocalist for Martha Munizzi, Yolanda Adams, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Kelly Price, Rizen and Sheila E.

Prayer and music…

Prayer_Time_CDArtworkIn 2007 I decided to work on a devotional CD. I was looking for something to use as a resource during my morning meditation. I couldn’t find anything that incorporated prayers and worship melodies together. I set out to create what I was looking for. Prayer Time is my response to the demand within my heart to talk to Jesus in the mornings. Initially I thought that a few people would find value in this compilation and use the CD as the soundtrack for their personal devotion. Boy was I wrong. I have received testimonies from people around the world about the impact of this CD in their lives and I know that only heaven could do that.

Faith and Lyrics

In 2009, my aunt passed. She raised me. She was my biggest fan and cheerleader. She made me believe that I could do anything. Her death shook my core. It made me question what I believed and if my faith was strong enough to endure. I questioned everything. I questioned what I iBelieve ARtworkbelieved about God, the bible, and myself. To cope with the loss, I began to write.  iBelieve is 90% my words, my heart, my songs. It was the hardest season of my life to date but I realized that my faith in God was for more than salvation. It is for everyday living. Yes, it sounds simple, but I’ve lived the words on this album and I think the conviction comes through with every note.

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