Live Coaching and Training Sessions


The Dynamic Power of Not Now 

This session is designed to help leaders identify what is important over what is immediate. Leaders work to prioritize tasks and rank by the level of importance to determine how their time and energy should be invested.

What are my Top 5 Strengths? | Your Unique Talents!

This session is designed to help leaders identify his/her top strengths and areas of development and the implications of both. The sessions help leaders establish action plans to leverage strengths and ways to safeguard areas of growth

Managing Up: Discovering new ways to lead through service

This training offers practical ways to influence and engage with leaders and colleagues that have different work styles and perspectives to foster better communication, more productivity, and meaningful working relationships.  

Anticipating Needs The art of listening, contingency thinking, and the benefits of curiosity

This training provides opportunities for leaders to engage in the ongoing development of best practices to lead with service.