About Me

Southern belle. Jesus girl. Maceo’s Wife.  Avid reader. Coach. Movie buff. Math wizard.
Detail-oriented. Finisher. Girlie. Curvy. Classy. Singer. Songwriter. Mentor. Teacher. Bargain shopper. Sister. Friend. Family fanatic. Frequent flyer. Shoe connoisseur. Coffee drinker. Giver. Planner. AKA. Forward thinker. Music junkie. Bread eater.

Yeah, those words describe me well. I am a girl. I love pink things and if they shine it’s better. While I love to read books and watch movies, I’d prefer a conversation with a person over coffee. I think it’s safe to say that I love people. I appreciate the fact that the challenges of life make us more alike than different, but I love that we are unique in our own special way. I think social media is cool. You can find me on most of the sites, but you’ll get a better view of my heart when we meet to talk.

I am a recovering people pleaser. I’ve spent many years sifting through some of the counterproductive thoughts and emotional baggage I’d held on to for a long time.  It took courage to dig around in my life. I discovered a boatload of lies that I believed as truth and have since replaced them with the truth and love that is the foundation of my faith. It’s really made my life more enjoyable and less exhausting. 🙂

Today, I enjoy spending time with Mace, writing, training other leaders and coaching women.

Let’s journey together. Let’s encourage one another to be brave…and let’s write the story of our lives with action words and things that make us smile and laugh out loud.

Your friend,


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